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Got an update here for you regarding SILKSCREEN 101, our excellent screen printing workshop. Classes have been ongoing to outstanding results and we are pumping out new screen printers pretty much every 2 weeks. People are loving the workshop! The varied kinds of prints are quite amazing, as you donʼt need to be an artist to make an awesome design. In our last session, one student used beautiful photos of her dog (what up, Ella!) and another one took some lines from her poetry in various fonts to make stellar t-shirt designs.

As an S.S.101 student youʼll learn how to stretch, coat, and shoot a full sized professional silkscreen. After that, we show you all manner of inks, design materials, and print methods. Then, youʼll learn how to print fabric, paper and of course, T-shirts. (Thatʼs where the printing frenzy begins)

The class is configured to let you begin printing from home the very next day, and you receive a step-by-step instruction sheet of suppliers to get you rocking. Studio rental is available for Alumni as are screen stretching, coating and shooting. So, whether youʼre a professional illustrator, a casual photographer or a left handed accountant from Whitby who has never drawn a thing in their life, this class is perfect for getting up and running. Learn everything you need in a simple day and see how amazing it is to have your ideas printed on a T-shirt.

Our April 3rd class is all sold out so our next classes are Sunday April 17th, Sunday May 1st and Sunday May 15th and go from noon ʻtil 6:30 p.m. We supply everything you need, including 2 T- shirts, fabric, inks - you just bring a print out of your designs. The cost is $175 which includes keeping your screen at the end of the session. We do require a deposit to hold a spot, so shout us when you know which class is good for you.

Hope to see you in class soon!